The Hinckley Research Corporation is a digital systems laboratory for engineering and consulting in the areas of computer and machine vision, artificial intelligence, robotics and simulation.  We design and build systems for the scientific, industrial and agricultural sectors.


Our past work involves systems used in diverse applications such as:

  • Metal grain structure detecting and testing
  • Cherry and apple sorting
  • Surface abrasion detection
  • Wire mesh deformation detection and measurement
  • Protein/fat ratio analysis in meat packing
  • Metal fracture detection and measurement
  • Robotic guidance
  • Product assembly verification
  • Foil seal integrity testing
  • Rubber seal damage analysis
  • High-speed color detection and classification
  • High-speed imaging applied to machine operation analysis
  • Target recognition and location
  • Complex hole pattern verification
  • Sheet metal part perimeter profile verification
  • Deep-drawn metal part lamination defect detection


Our work is multidisciplinary, relying on diverse technical capabilities such as:

  • Systems engineering
  • Applied mathematics
  • Artificial intelligence techniques
  • Image processing
  • Software engineering
  • Human-machine interface design
  • Factory integration
  • Database engineering
  • Optical and illumination design
  • Line-scan and area-scan camera interfacing and control
  • Machine vision integration
  • Mechanical design and prototyping
  • Material handling design


Dr. John M. Hinckley, principal